SanGGar Manik Galih

Sanggar Manik Galih is a transnational music and dance studio located in the mountains of Bali, Indonesia in the village of Bangah di Baturiti, in the regency of Tabanan, and based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Founded in June 2011 by Bapak I Made Lasmawan and Ibu Ni Ketut Marni, Sanggar Manik Galih serves a local and international community of musicians, dancers, artists, and enthusiasts. Sanggar Manik Galih teachers, members, and students practice and perform traditional gamelan music and dance from Bali. 


I Made Lasmawan was born in the village of Bangah, in the Baturiti region of the regency of Tabanan, Bali in 1958. Strongly influenced by his family and involved in the arts since childhood, he entered KOKAR (Conservatory for Traditional Performing Arts) in Denpasar, Bali, and graduated in 1977. He continued his studies in 1978 at STSI (Indonesian College of the Arts) in Surakata (Solo), Central Java, and studied traditional Javanese music, receiving his Traditional Indonesian Music degree in 1983.

Pak Lasmawan has since traveled and performed throughout the world, including Belgium, France, England, Singapore, Japan, Canada, and Mexico. He is a prolific composer who taught Balinese music at STSI from 1983 until 1990, when he was invited to San Diego State University to teach Javanese and Balinese music. Living in Colorado since 1992 as Artist-in-Residence with Gamelan Tunas Mekar, Pak Lasmawan is a lecturer at Colorado College where he directs Balinese gamelan Tunjung Sari and teaches courses on Balinese and Indonesian music and Hindu epics in music. He also directs gamelan ensembles at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Metro State in Denver, the University of Wyoming in Laramie, UCCS, and throughout the Rocky Mountains, and has helped found over 25 gamelans in the United States. Pak Lasmawan plays a leading role in both Bali and the US as the founder and director of Sanggar Manik Galih, developing community gamelan groups for Balinese, diasporic Indonesians, and Westerners.

Ni Ketut Marni was born in the village of Kebon in the town of Singapadu, district of Gianyar, Bali. Born into a family of traditional dancers and musicians, Ni Ketut has studied Balinese dance from a very young age. She graduated from SMKI, the Traditional School of Performing Arts in Denpasar, Bali with a major in Dance and has performed for TVRI (Television of the Republic of Indonesia). Ni Ketut teaches with her husband Pak Made and resides with him in Colorado Springs, Colorado where she instructs the Colorado College Gamelan Tunjung Sari dance program. She has performed Balinese and Javanese dance in Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States, and directs the Balinese dance program for Sanggar Manik Galih.