Sanggar Manik Galih offers the local Balinese community in Bangah the opportunity to study music and dance. Members of the sanggar perform in schools, for the community, at temple ceremonies, and for local celebrations. The sanggar includes Gong Luh Manik Galih (the women's gamelan), a children's gamelan, kid dancers, a gamelan angklung, a men's gamelan, and visiting international students who come to study and live in the Tangkas family compound. 


Gong Luh Manik Galih, Sanggar Manik Galih's women's gamelan, is made up of women from the village of Bangah. Begun by Pak Lasmawan in 1997, the group's founding emphasizes gender equality across religion, the arts, and politics in Bali and Indonesia. Gong Luh Manik Galih performs primarily traditional gamelan gong kebyar repertoire.