Every summer Sanggar Manik Galih hosts students from around the world who come to study music and dance with our teachers in the village of Bangah. Students live in the Tangkas family compound, which houses the sanggar - participating in music and dance lessons, touring the island, working with local artisans, and performing at temple festivals and local celebrations. 

Students who come to Sanggar Manik Galih have the opportunity to begin - or continue - their study of Balinese gamelan and dance. Music in Bali is complex and vibrant, featuring quick, interlocking patterns. It is used to accompany the many religious ceremonies throughout the island. 

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"Studying at Sanggar Manik Galih was a life changing experience for me. The opportunity to live and study with a Balinese family - waking up everyday to great music, food, and people - was something I loved. I hope to return soon!"

- Sayeed Joseph


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